Saturday, November 8, 2008

Morning Racism

From the Dave Glover Show out of St. Louis on Nov. 5

( Okay can not seem to upload the audio, its free give it a listen its well worth it )

In the last 8 minutes there is a comparison of racism to the death of a loved one. The point being that getting over racism is like morning and no one can tell you when to get over it. That makes sense. I can see that those scars are not going to go away and time soon, but the world goes on. Along a similar line, Roland Martin on CNN a while back (ac360 a month or so, still have not found vid) saying that some racism is inferred and its not for others to say.

My question is the part where the world goes on. How can we move forward if no one except African Americans can say what is racist and if the rest of us can move on? Do we as a society have to wait for that segment of the population? Can the rest of us decide to stop affirmative action, busing and the rest? Do those getting the help get to make the decisions when it is best to stop giving them help? You can morn, but the world has to move on.

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