Wednesday, November 5, 2008

May Your Leadership be as Centrist as the Whole of the people of the Country that Elected You

Congratulation MR. President Elect. May your leadership be as centrist as the whole of the people in the country that elected you.

Not that anyone is reading any of this and its not like there have been long conversations. If you did you would know that more often than not I say I don't know or i was wrong.

I Was Wrong very very Wrong.

I am mystified, scarred and very mad.

As always i try to find why.

I do not buy the it was time argument. My sister called with the answer i already knew. I have tried to fight it, kick it in the head and dismiss it any way I can. She was getting IMs, one from a friend of hers from high school in which she said she voted for Obama because his ideas just sounded better. why WHY? So I am back to where I started 6 or so years ago. The American public is ignorant and stupid. It doesn't apply to every one on the left or right mainly the apathetic in the middle. I hate that thought. Several books and any number of articles have been written about the voters in this country. It makes me very uneasy. 9 of 10 have cable or sat. History Chanel runs just about 24/7. why?

The2 ideas under my skin:
Living under the first years of a Communist dictatorship that many of us may die tyring to over throw. I hope, hope that the talk of him being a centrist is true. ( I reluctantly turned on CNN and, what little I saw, they where all saying "yes, he has to be a centrist" and "yes, of course he will" not good") The history of Obama and in general do not make any of this look good. Maybe the deep belief in free speech and the ideas of a truly free society will prevail but after all this I am actually questioning it.

The second. The two party system is intact and may have gotten stronger. I am not a partisan, and think both parties are are full of dim three year olds. Global warming, cap and trade, cut taxes now, continued support of the tax system, social security, Debt, weak leadership, weak foreign policy and on and on. If Hannity and others would stop throwing crap and take the time to explain in clear language over and over may be others would understand his point. He is a partisan... I am not going to cry if he gets booted of the air. Cry over the first amendment but not over him or some of the other serious partisans. On the other side which won't get kicked MSNBC. They both drive people to unreasoned and and generally ignorant positions.

Obama creepy statements in tonight's speech
how much of the win was "white guilt"
Jesse Jackson crying
Is he a centrist?
two parties
smart small government
indignation of the Obama supports
do we still owe the black community
did we have to have a black president for things to be equal
wasn't the equality largely working it self out.
calling only racism, racism
I am probably a racist in most circles
any number of statements I hope I remember
will voter fraud be fixed this time
will changes in the law will lock up the Dem majority
flexible constructionist constitution
stupid voter
the structure of a viable third party
the it was time argument
somehow this is viewed as a reigniting of American creativity
the simple and still unknown of Obama
the misdirection of CNN (Roland Martin)
the last of leadership from the Greatest Generation:(
is this all just and only the result of the civil rights movement
Almost voting for McCain not against Obama

More of a list for me. I have try not to be sick or curl up in a little ball. Looking at some that list (there so i don't forget in the morning) the mountain that i believe is in front of us may be just to big and I may not see us even looking at the foot hills in my life. More Alcohol to night and start over again tomorrow

Congratulation MR. President Elect. May your leadership be as centrist as the whole of the people in the country that elected you.

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