Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CNN shows us All our Mistakes

Let the assault begin. CNN demonstrates not necessarily a left view. What it does well is reflect the drive by thinking that plagues the main stream. These interviews need to be reviewed to first understand this drive by thinking and to better answer those types of questions. It is not to fight the left with conservative ideas.

It is to fight the lack of logic, the general ignorance of issues and the gotcha games on all sides.

"Why would you be so upset about people who clear more than $250,000 a year having to pay taxes when you're nowhere near that category? Is that a fair question? Can you give me answer?"

That is not a question that anyone in this country should have to ask, complete ignorance. The answer should be an explanation of the American dream and use The Words "American Dream"

"Under this system your the one who is going to benefit"
This is where you make the principles argument. 'Having an American Or capitalistic system is far more important than my hard times. That is the sacrifice that we have to make, a little self sacrifice from all of us.'

Do not answer personal attack with attacks.
'Those are my debts and i am clearly responsible for them. I will pay them. I am not living high on the hog at the moment but they will get payed. And just because I don't have a license does not mean I am not a plumber. I fix pipes and toilets for a living that is may definition of a plumber. It may not be that definition under the tax code of the law but pluming is what i do.' Then. 'If your going to dig in my past for just being a spokes person than why ask Obama about...' Do Not use Wright of Ayers, his writing in collage are usually pretty benign material why didn't you ask him for that. 'I was not running for president, I was expressing my opinions as they fit with the McCain Camp"

Finally throw McCain under the bus on some of these issues. He was wrong on the tax stuff and should have pushed for the Fair tax. And be at least some what versed on it. Use the names of those who support it and can do a better job explaining and defending it. It just might become an issue that gets talked about and if it happens enough maybe it catch fire.

Does some one have joes Email?

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