Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Presidential Debate

First question: bail out for everyone in trouble not good
McCain readjusting house prices, governments set price = Communist?

2nd : more of the same
Fanny and Freddy should never been GSE, regulation or not. they miss the point.
More of the same, blame only part of the system with only partial truth from both
Deregulation is not no regulation.
Mod Q: better before worse? - no brainer why say different McCain

Q3: both to blame for financial crisis: good Q not enough detail
Obama: this only started when bush got in office? Mostly Rep. fault? Not answering Q
McCain: stump speech, point to outside groups good, attack on little stupid crap bad

Okay this is another BS train wreck. Stump speeches again?

No line item veto Senator Obama

Q4: What sacrifices need to be made?
McCain: eliminate programs? really? stupid overhead projector attack. Spending freeze (good but not what was asked.)
Obama: using 9/11 to attack Bush. (nice Our sacrifice is Carters put on a sweater.) More community service? (Should that be a gov. thing.)
Mod Q: Obama sharing the burden over and over. Yes yes comrade
McCain: some specifics finally.

Q5: real dept question then messed with
Obama: Dodging.( If you don't pay taxes you will get a check? Reverse policies? raise taxes?)
McCain: ss compromise, medicare by committee.

Q6: congress move faster; basis green jobs?
smoke brake both seem to be dodging
Mod Q; Manhattan project vs garages
both missing the question

Q7: heath care as a commodity?
Obama: Moral imperative. Can buy into gov. heath care? (not good why should an employer pay for something the gov. would give out?)
McCain: Impose efficacy? Insurance across state lines good. Choice over mandates?
MOD Q: right, responsibility, privilege
McCain: i missed it
Obama: right, McCain vote against child heath care, kind of and not look into it
Make heath care not for profit like it once was and call it a day.

Q8: peace maker?
McCain: America good, use force when necessary and can do good, judgment.
Obama: Iraq Iraq (The war is off budget.) World respect( over rated) we didn't go to Sudan because of Iraq?
Mod Q: doctrine
Obama: Ethnic cleansing go in McCain: Lebanon stop please

Q9:Pakistan and terrorist:

Don't care Obama blame Iraq for losing Osama

Mod Q: Afghanistan, acceptable dictator?
Obama: pull out Iraq and move troops
Mcain: some of the same, broader, basic insurgent strategy

Q10: Russia
McCain: support satellites, no cold war
Obama: same, see better foreign moves.( good but can we do it with hands tied)
Mod Q : Evil Empire
Obama: they are going there McCain: Maybe (trouble)

Q11: Commit troops with out UN to Israel
McCain: Yes, China and Russian UN veto, No Iran nukes
Obama: No Iran nukes, No UN veto on security, try to talk( Europe did it for years)

q12 What don't know, and how will learn?
Obama: ask my wife :) (scary) stump speech, attack Bush,(wages down for more than 8 yrs)
McCain: Don't know what will happen. Stump history ect.

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