Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Europe’s dystopian present — and why, because I’m helpless to stop it, Schadenfreude overwhelms me RL Feb. 16 16

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Angela Merkel's 'attack dog' Gunther Krichbaum threatens UK with trade war
EU steel workers protest against cheap Chinese imports
Lasers should be classed as offensive weapons - pilots' union - BBC News
China Washes Its Hands of North Korea: Rogue State Is ‘U.S. Obligation’
Russia to Deliver S-300 Missile Systems to Iran in ‘Nearest Time’
Merkel Isolated as EU Partners Slam Door on Refugee Flood
ISIS Gets Syrian Air Defense System
Finnish Anti-Immigration Militia ‘Soldiers Of Odin’ Growing Across Europe
"A Dramatic Escalation Appears Imminent" In Syria
Hard-Left Canadian Government Kicks Soldiers Out of Homes for Muslim Refugees
Student Loan Subsidies Cause Almost All of the Increase in Tuition | Foundation for Economic Education
Negative Interest Rates: Obamacare for Banking
Here's Why (And How) The Government Will "Borrow" Your Retirement Savings
Citi: "There Was Something About The Entire Recovery Narrative That Is Downright Wrong"
The Age Of Stagnation (Or Something Much Worse)
Supreme Court
What Scalia's Jurisprudence Suggests about His Replacement
6 Ways Leftists Will Destroy The Constitution After Scalia's Death | Daily Wire
Read Reason's Best Coverage of Justice Antonin Scalia - Hit & Run : Reason.com
Obama Filibustered Justice Alito, Voted Against Roberts | Frontpage Mag
Texas Judge Who Decided No Autopsy Was Needed in Scalia Death Discloses New Details
Antonin Scalia's Death Could Mark End of Constitution - Breitbart
Edward Whelan: Scalia’s Passing Could Cost Americans Their Constitution
Alan Dershowitz: ‘Originalism’ Scalia’s ‘Most Fundamental Contribution’
Major Case For Public Unions Already In Flux Post-Scalia
Justice Scalia Did Not 'Snub Civil Rights at Every Turn'
Justices or Ayatollahs?
Eight Thoughts On Scalia
Dear Democrats, Please Stop Insulting Our Intelligence on Judicial Nominations
15 Of Antonin Scalia’s Best Lines
Scalia Defended Democracy: Liberals Subvert It
Scalia the Bold Leader for Originalism
Hillary Emails: Sidney Blumenthal Urged Use of Bin Laden Corpse Photos to Make Congress ‘Liegemen Bowing Before’ Obama
How The Clintons Enabled The 2008 Economic Crisis And Financial Coup d'Etat
Latest Hillary Clinton Email Release Includes 84 Classified, 3 ‘Secret’
Agency Poisoned By Clinton's Disregard For Security | The Daily Caller
A Secret Source of University Money
Shallow Pre-College Reading Assignments Pave Way for Social Justice Agenda
States consider allowing kids to learn coding instead of foreign languages
Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’ Failed: It Was ‘Digital Colonialism’
Left Media Migrant Rape Cover-Up: HuffPo, Indy, AND United Nations Claim Cologne Attackers ‘Not Refugees’, German Prosecutor: ‘Total Nonsense’
Actor Stephen Fry Quits Twitter, Blames Social Justice Warriors
‘Christ, I Want to Leave This Planet’: Fed-Up Comedian Stephen Fry Quits Twitter After Internet Mob Freaks Out Over His ‘Sexist’ Joke
James Woods gets judge’s OK to pursue $10 million libel suit against Twitter troll
Tim McGraw Just Said Something Totally Refreshing About Social Media
Charlie Daniels’ Open Letter to America’s Enemies: You See Obama, But You Don’t Know America
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