Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shadow Falls on the West

Jumping Off A Sinking Ship Just To Beat The Rush - Taki's Magazine
"...People don’t tend to kill themselves unless they feel hopeless. These middle-aged “rednecks” have become the modern version of the “drunken Injun” stereotype—a vanquished and hopeless caricature that is aggressively numbing itself out of existence."

The White Working Class is in Trouble
"By all rights the white working class ought to have tumbled to this a generation ago and become rock-ribbed Republicans, but, pace the Atlantic, alcohol and opoids aren’t the only addictions corroding the white working class.

The main addiction of the white working class is that it still thinks someone owes it a living. That’s why, as late as 2012, the Joe Soptic ad helped re-elect Barack Obama."
Coliving: A Solution for Lonely Millennials?
 "Indeed, studies show that people in coworking spaces are happier and less lonely, and that their business increases because of the connections they make there. Coliving could have the same effect, Evans says, especially if people can have their social space and their private space, too."
Krugman Doesn't Understand Why "Darkness Is Spreading Over Part Of Our Society"
 "A couple of weeks ago President Obama mocked Republicans who are “down on America,” and reinforced his message by doing a pretty good Grumpy Cat impression.
 Yet there is a darkness spreading over part of our society. And we don’t really understand why."
Europe Cannot Begin Again
 "Decent Europeans are watching in real time as their nations and their entire continent go to hell. Their elected leaders are throwing away their heritage and their future. How does a nation swap out its monstrous leaders while the damage is being done? A military coup in Germany may sound ominous, but a takeover by the military would be preferable to the current chaos."

 "The greatest enemy of freedom is freedom." 

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