Friday, January 16, 2015

"no solution" middle east really?

   Sent an email to some talking heads in Aug 2013 during a refrain of "we can't nation build" I was try to keep it short and may expand on it later:

Is there a word that describes the act of seeing something done badly and failing then assuming it can't be done?

     Fight the ideological war.
Freedom or democracy do not equal liberty. From the Pres. on down, talk in terms of individual liberty. The moral, practical and economic case as well as the stabilizing effects should be explained in terms of solutions to both small and large problems at all times. Let the Islamist fight a clear declaration of liberty instead of the amorphous democracy and inconsistent freedoms.

    Stop the parliaments.
European models, that's the best we can do? Representatives in parliaments answer to the party. Electing reps individually makes them more accountable. In older governments parties gain influence, it just doesn't hand it to them. 

    Build republics.
Would Iraq be more stable if the fight for power was not wholly over the national government? Would Afghanistan been more stable if the warlords had to deal with the provincial legislature and governors elected by those that live there. The closer the power is to the people  ect. It may not work in Syria. That isn't a reason not to talk about it.

    Short term constitution.
Limit the 1st constitution to ten yrs. as well as all the legislative and executive offices. It allows for harder issues to be put off , the situation to stabilize and the institutions of a  democracy to gain a foot hold. It slows down and cools off the process. 

What is the word for using bad models with half the effort and resources , failing and then saying it's not possible? Really my vocab need help

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