Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama used Palin's Death Panel as a Deflection

Palin's death panel comment where about passive euthanasia not active euthanasia. All the uproar was directed at the end of life panning provisions. That was over the active euthanasia and removed from the Senate bill. Palin's comment about passive euthanasia are not out of the bill. Mainly due to the fact it was never directly in the bill. It has always been a likely consequence of the bill. In can happen in two ways. One, you dump several million more in to the system but don't add any more doctors, nurses, hospital or clinics. There is the same amount of heath care and more people. Logically that means less for everyone. Who gets what? Who makes that call? Death panel?

Second, is the slow single payer take over. Why slow? They know they just can't pass it. They can set up (by reducing the people using it) the private insurance to become to expensive (a free market kiss off). They could put in so many rules to make it fair that they can't make any money( populist strangulation). It is possible they only partially do either of those and pass legislation latter to finish the job.The less apparent option, leave the door open for HHS, blue ribbon panels or the "smart" people to make some of the rules. "After much deliberation" they enact rules, under the authority of the final bill (buried on page xyz) to enact rules that have the same effect.

Single payer means the payer makes the rules. If you only have one buyer you sell to them or sell nothing. They may not own the heath care system (socialized) but they would control it (corporatism). At this point they have to make it work. There is a balancing act to be done. If you are going to give every body what they want we have to raise taxes, but there are not enough taxes in the world to be able to do that. On the other side is cutting expenses. The choices: efficiency, prevention (mounting evidence good for people but more expensive), less pay for docs, nurses, hospitals ect., or less heath care. The money is clearly running out. We can only borrow so long. The saving from prevention I'll leave alone. You will get some savings from efficiency. We can cut pay only so much before large numbers of poeple leave the profession. They have to eat to. That leaves us with less heath care. Who gets what? Who makes that call? Death panel?

Pulling the plug on grandma was never the issue with Palin. The issue has always been not plugging in grandma. Its not killing infants with heart defects. Its making infants with heart defects conformable (before they die).

The dropping of the pay for panning was not a victory. It was a deflection that everyone has bought in to. All of the press I've seen has this completely wrong. As of right now it's a victory for the statists. There is a scene that this little battle coupled with the probable elimination of the so called public option (not an actual public option) has turned the tide. This whole debate is absolute quick sand. There are hundreds of ways this turns out badly and a very few almost impossible good ones.

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