Friday, March 6, 2009

Stopping the Political Fight

Back and forth between the parties. The GOP may find a way back. Right now we would be better for it. In the long run we will end up just where we are now.The economics are the issue now and the GOP is the leader on freedom in that arena. They will fall again when they don't take it far enough or when the freedom of society issues raise up.


"Tapping in to the rage of taxpayers by exploiting their fears then,
would almost certainly result in unanticipated problems for the GOP.
But beyond that, is this the way the Republicans wish to return to
power? The Rovian strategy of using wedge issues to cleave the
electorate over gay marriage, abortion, and other social issues got
Republicans elected but also sowed the seeds of their own destruction.
By the time 2008 rolled around, those wedge issues had lost their
potency and there was ample evidence of a backlash by center-right and
center-left moderates against the GOP and
their perceived intolerance. It was Obama who exploited this backlash
by promising to govern based on not what divides us but by what unites
"But if the GOP were to descend to the Democrat’s level – scaring people by screaming about “socialism” and the attendant imagery of economic doom and gloom, the party may indeed make some gains but with what kind of mandate? And would it be as effective as preparing the people for tough choices by playing to their native optimism and saying that as Americans, we are capable of anything if we pull together? Coupled with some new ideas about targeted tax cuts and real “stimulus” spending instead of the porked up monstrosity offered by the Democrats, that rage could turn to optimism and hope which would attract a helluva lot more people than scare tactics."
Optimism is one thing and it is a great thing. The parties tend to sell optimism on there strong suites not as a whole. They can't. You either have more economic less social freedom or less economic more social freedom. Both freedoms are under attack so do we run to the GOP? I am not convinced.

Is there a viable third party now? Are we stuck with a typical but more extreme fight? The consequences of a perpetual collectivist system end the debate out right. Can we have a third party that puts and end to the fight with freedom are do we have to keep the fight going to protect freedom with the GOP? I just hope the GOP doesn't screw it up so bad that they allow the collectivists to take power permanently.

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