Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Brits Are not Happy

I don't have much affection for the British. I think of them of an example of what not to do and where we will be in all to short a time. There TV is entertaining more so than ours for the mindless stuff. As classes and sophomoric as the gifts giving was this is a systemic nightmare.

Special relationship? Obama's people won't even answer the phone, whines Downing Street

"He said it meant the Government was finding it 'unbelievably difficult' to hold discussions ahead of the meeting of world leaders in London.
Even though the world was in the grip of the worst economic crisis in decades - top of the G20 agenda - Number 10 was having trouble getting in touch with key personnel, said the Cabinet Secretary.

'There is nobody there,' he told a civil service conference in Gateshead.'You cannot believe how difficult it is.' (cont.)

Nevertheless, it risked opening a spat with Washington. Downing Street aides had already been left frustrated by the White House's handling of arrangements for the Prime Minister visit to the States last week, where he addressed both Houses of Congress.

British officials had to refute claims Mr Brown had been 'snubbed' after a press conference with President Obama was downgraded to a few questions in the Oval Office."

From Hot Air

"When we last heard from the Obama team about their peculiar handling of Gordon Brown, they claimed to be too overwhelmed and exhausted from the economic crisis to pay attention to the niceties of protocol. The upcoming G-20 summit will focus on that very problem, aiming for coordination of action to rebuild confidence in Western financial systems. Is Obama now too overwhelmed and exhausted to work on that crisis as well?"

Is Obama a clueless idiot or a Marxist savant ? I don't know what they are trying to do.

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