Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Personal Second Declaration of Independence.

It has been cold from where I type. It is a problem that I have been unable to fix myself so it persists. The cold creeps in through my fingers and nose and leaks an apathy to my mind. So I have been away. Pacing, frustrated at what I do not understand. At having been away for a short time I come to find that we now can threaten legal action for the bad taste of a cartoon. I am beginning to believe that I do understand all to well. This was once a free society. I can be held responsible for violations of others rights. Not being offended is not a right. Having bad taste is and its costs can be calculated in a free society. Those costs are calculated in a court when societies that are oppressed by the ideas of suffocating social and economic justice.

We are called cowards for wishing not to be called something we are not. Further still our leaders have enshrined in law that we are not allowed in our "free society" to judge people by the content of their character.

We are told that the pain of the restorative fires of failure are to great. That government must at unsustainable cost lessen the pain. The must spread pain over the rest of time. We must all live with the nagging pain until it consumes us. We are left small apathetic lives with no chance of restoration.

We are told that it is an unrecoverable disadvantage in a global society predominated by failing states. State that syphon too much wealth into their governments to mitigate the the drives of individuals. They do it for the fairness and equality in all, not allowing for the exceptional. We must join them so we too can gains perceived advantages ignoring the slow lose of fundamental strength of our state.

We are told guns bring only chaos. We do not entertain the though of responsible balance of power in our "free" society. Protection of all people from of the evil of the gun is the only issue. Never speak of the deterring oppression of absolute equality the gun may bring.

"We the people" have become oppressed by the people. The people have lost the responsible curiosity vital to the building of ideals started so long ago. We have let the growth of this idea to be lead by those that trade in halve truths. They spout myopic details with no context and use broad unarguable concepts of fairness and morals, moving the people behind them. We have allowed the idea to grow into failed territory. The growth speeds up as the world does. We trust our leaders more, unable to bring ourselves to do the needed work. "We the People" see not the dead branches all around us.

Long this country has lived. Born from a revolution of enlightenment and rationalism. It is now dying from a revolution in oppressive equality by the people of the people. Born from 20th century philosophy and a 60's counter culture it has grown to slowly strangle us.

I will happily and forcefully fight to remove the people's oppression. Leadership, reason, education and enlightenment of all things are the weapons. They may now be woefully inadequate to force the idea to a sustainable course. There is no need for use of the gun as the time will have come and gone before they can be use to recover.

I live in the slowly dying light not yet doomed to just burn dimly on in the absence of freedom. Many dark days are ahead. The ideals of freedom can be stoked again now. When they are not years from now the gun will have to be used when glimmering light is seen clearly once again in the distance. This is where I reside. Not yet fully fallen into the dark chaos so many others are doomed.

I am not a citizen of a once Great Britain bullied to accept surrender to the EU. I am not a citizen of a France bending to the post modern will of its neighbors and people. I am not a citizen of a Europe with government socialized societies allowing ideals of multiculturalism to over write their own. I am not a citizen of a Cuba who in ignorance supported a dictatorial collectivist take over. I am not a citizen of a Venezuela slowly voting a dictator to permanent power. I am not a citizen of a China of a people given, out of necessity, economic freedom but will not yet fight for social freedom.

I will not be a citizen of 2009 co-opting the worst of the rest America. I will be a citizen of 1861 and 1941 fight and die for preservation of this noble experiment and freedom of peoples America. I will be a citizen of 1776 full of independent self-reliant people America. I will be a citizen of 1862, 1920 and 1964 intervene only if free society absolutely can not remove oppression of an unchangeable physicality America. I will be a citizen of the Late 1800's free use of both the backs and minds to leap us forward. I will be a citizen of the yet realized New Renaissance of American ideals.

It's a first draft any way.

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