Monday, February 2, 2009

Kit Bond Not Running

The Missouri Senate race in 2010

Something that I didn't know. It doesn't make me very happy. After the close election here in Missouri it appears that it would be near impossible to get a Republican elected. They seem to have more hope.
"One advantage - Missouri demographics continue to favor the GOP. Even though Obama and the Dems did make inroads in 2008, the core population in MO continues to swing in a direction that trends Republican. Part of the “blue trickle” in the St. Louis area can be explained by the outward migration of voters moving from inside the I-270 belt to the west and south suburbs"
If I had my way we would find a common sense libertarian to run. Roy Blunt I don't know well. He seems to be to conservative but right now I will take that over anything resembling another McCaskill. Talent also conservative seems to be somewhat more reasonable. He has talk to the local drive time talk host? Dave Glover many times. Nice enough guy. He should probably keep his powder dry for McCaskill. That leaves Missouri Maverick? Steelman.

I know state politics very little. It is a kind of unsophisticated amateurish operation from what I know. So her claims are lost on me but they should run her with the full support Talent oand others in the state. They can't afford to lose any more seats. With a hard push on national issues, get above the state fighting Steelman could win. Save Talent to oust McCaskill.

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