Friday, January 30, 2009

Speak Not of Any Thing Vaguely Resembling the Truth

Exactly how are the policies of the Bush administration at fault for the economic crisis?

Did he push to have more people in homes? Yes and so did every administration for at least the past twenty years.

Fannie and Freddy became the problem under Bush. Their existence is the problem and Congress people of all stripes are to blame for that mess. Frankly Dems blocked the reforms from coming out of committee. We all know that just because your in the minority doesn't mean you don't have any power Mr. Franks.

Deregulation caused all this. Was it deregulation or pitifully oversight, CONgress? The revolving door of supposed economic magicians that us little people just don't understand.

Greedy Wall street? Their job is to make money for the share holder. Share holders? US? Should some of them be in jail? Yes. Should we destroy any drive to make money? NO.

From Fox via Gateway Pundit
'"If there is somebody who is disgruntled, so be it. But we will have an overwhelming vote," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. She and more than a half-dozen other Democrats touted the bill and chided Republicans for pushing what they called the kind of failed policies that led to the economic crisis.'
I am waiting for Pelosi to break into song and dance at any moment. Gloating? You are, very unfortunately, one of the leaders of the free world and are acting this way? Let me know when she put her fingers in her ears, starts stomping her feet and humming to herself. Grow the hell up.

Children running the country we can save. The failed policies they seem to mean are the tax cuts. Pleeease explain to me what they have to do with the current crisis? How did the tax cuts lead to any of the problems that lead to this. They aren't the only reason for the deficit spending. If you say deficit spending then what the hell are we doing now? The truth. The government is at fault. Congress first and mainly Dems in my mind. We always get some spin from all side. However the collectivists in Washington are now about half a temper tantrum away Orwellian newspeak.

Oh and next commentator that says "we have to so something"(free market?,Hover?) or "no one knows what to do"(Great Depression. S&L, 1990's Japan) well I will just yell at them. I would threaten they with me sending them some books but I am not going to waste the time.

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