Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nut and Bolts Problems

In all the confusion I am going to start reposting others that make good points and I mostly agree with with little comment. There is a tidal wave of horrible ideas veiled and not it will be difficult to keep up.

So, The problem with the stimulus package is not just a tax cut vs. spending issue. It is a very big grab bag and what is in it is very unclear.

Only on the stimulus:
Read the Stimulus


Obama Spins And Lies About So-Called "Stimulus" Plan
Republicans Take Tentative First Steps Towards Republicanism

Gateway Pundit
20 Points On the Democrat's $1.1 Trillion Drunken Spending Binge

links from the article:
10 Reasons to Whack Obama's Stimulus Plan
A 40-Year Wish List

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