Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Brain as a Bad Filter on the World

My brain works in a kind of non sequential manner. It takes in info and ideas and then tends to boil it down, it is much easier to remember and understand for me. When I go to explain an idea the finer detail that went in is lost. I think in much more complex and explain more simply. As much as it may be an impediment to getting ideas out I don't think I'd change for fear of losing the little gains in insight I make on my own.

I is not that others haven't made the same little leaps, but no one can read everything. As for me I read far less than i should. My insights I understand. It my required a book to be written to convincingly get the same point across. To be clear I can usually ramble to several badly organized pages on a topic not to a convincing book.

Thus the heart of my brain problems. The outside view is one of over simplified and poorly thought out views. They may be at times but often it is me trying to stick to the point. The point, I am always trying to find or write in concise way that I don't have to boil down and can be reproduced out of my head with ease.

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