Monday, November 10, 2008

Redistribution Put Simply

It is stunning absolutely Stunning that Our Elected Officials are talking openly this way.

Putting it simply from Wake up America:Can They Take Your Money? Yes They Can!!!

"Who is it supposed to be shared with? Those that have not worked for it?

Business 101 folks, simply put, is you produce, you make money. The more you produce, the more money you make.

The American dream.

The reason that millions of people come to America to live. The desire for a better life. The desire to work hard and be compensated for that work."
I am not a Republican or a strait line conservative but "an antipathy towards redistributing wealth" ? I am pretty sure that any one you want to labeled as conservative or Republican have just "an antipathy towards redistributing wealth". I don't just have a strong dislike for it in the open unrestrained forms that it is beginning to take. I find it to be disgusting, fundamentally unsound, destroying any work ethic we have left, stifling creativity and productivity, dooming us all to mediocrity and a direct assault on freedom and the American Dream.

I do not want to live in 50's or 60's Russia, China, Cuba, 30's Germany or Italy. We are not there yet, yes I know. That is however, one of the very real possibilities down this road.

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Susan Duclos said...

Thanks for the link and well said.