Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Q.H. - Iranian Weapons Myth? What?

From: The Iranian Weapons Myth
There is a current( a meme) that the amount of weapons and the reasons for the weapons that have used to kill US troops from Iran is wrong. and i catch a tone of Bush is a lair whaa. (I feel i read to much on the right but the liberal stuff makes my wittle heed hurt) The little mentioned incidents of cross border fire early on would have been enough years ago to start a war. Second any country that can't keep its nice new weapons under its control and then they are used to kill our troop needs to at least be told to get their crap together. I don't care if it is one or a thousand deaths. Frankly if it got to a thousand air strikes, at least, would be in order.

On yglesias @ thinkprogress
By the way any one that can't find a more descriptive way of describing a actions as something other than warmongering needs to look at their objectivity. Oh wait unless that group is calling for war and can't wait to kill and "drink the blood of the defeated enemy" just to fuel the next war.
Unless they are talking about the Bush gang and blood is oil and you are insane. Use the term for those who really deserve it. How about we go back to the hawk and dove terms and stop demonizing people. Does the "warmonger" really want some sort of unrestrained war?

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