Sunday, October 12, 2008

Link Dump, Somthing for Everyone

I have held on to these hopping to comment but haven't. Some of this is very wrong headed and made me want to throw the computer across the room.( i didn't it isn't its fault) some of it is interesting ideas and thought. Some of it is explanation of thing that i don't understand how other don't get. Some of the sites are horrible some great. I will highlight some. In no order:

The Wisdom Of Our Elders

---American Thinker: Obama, Hillary and Alinsky's Tactics ---

Can Breakthrough Science Survive Market Forces? - Blogs - This one crosses the line too *About Terrorists*

Book TV - Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

---Foreign Policy: Europe’s Philosophy of Failure---

The Liberal Traits of Fascism | Jonah Goldberg -

The Highwaymen

---Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » The End of America’s Genius? ---

TCS Daily - Mandates for Change

---Communicating with Twentysomethings ---

---The Dumbing Of America - ---

Intelligence: Back to Black


A Good Read No Matter Which Party You Choose - Hear My Thunder

Unqualified Reservations: How to actually defeat the US government Ecstacy of Barack::By Kathleen Parker

Rod Dreher: Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a modern-day prophet | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Columnists: Rod Dreher

You Say You Wan’t A Revoluiton? Well, You Know… « The Conservatard

---The Last Europe: Death by Self-Annihilation | The Brussels Journal ---


The Raw Story | Texans protest against planned NAFTA superhighway

The August Review - The North American Union and the Larger Plan

AlterNet: Democracy and Elections: When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to Revolution

---The day socialism comes to America ---

Democracy Now! | Gen. Wesley Clark Weighs Presidential Bid: "I Think About It Everyday"

Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > Jonah Goldberg on His New Book, Liberal Fascism

Crooked Timber » » “Heil Myself!” (and other rude Goldberg devices)


"The Party Faithful," by Amy Sullivan: Evangelical Christians and the Democratic Party | Salon
A cry to control gun violence

---RealClearPolitics - Articles - Guns Save Lives ---

---The Problem With Biofuels - --- Lesson From Venezuela::By Thomas Sowell ---

Conceived in Liberty, Volume 1 - Mises Economics Blog

Our Nation's Future - Public Life

20 Things I'm Glad Life Taught Me

Do You Recognize the 7 Ingredients of Maturity?

The Undercurrent | Faith and Reason: Friends or Foes?

The Undercurrent | Yes, Religion Does Take Us Back into the Dark Ages

The Problem with Atheists « evanescent

Objectivist Round-Up 32 « evanescent

Hoover Institution - Events - The Koret Task Force on the No Child Left Behind Act

---Do Americans Care About Big Brother? - TIME---

The Obama Bargain -

The lessons of Iraq. - By William Saletan - Slate Magazine

Fox on the Run - TIME

Gore launches $300 million campaign - Mike Allen -

---American Thinker: Obama, Black Liberation Theology, and Karl Marx---

---Reason Magazine - The Cunning Linguist ---

George Carlin Dies at 71 » Outside The Beltway | OTB

Best Radical Middle Political Books of the 2000s

Just Say No Deal

---NOVA | The Elegant Universe | Watch the Program | PBS---

Global Warming Science and Public Policy - Proved: There is no climate crisis

Moonbattery: APS Confesses: Emperor Has No Clothes

American Thinker: The Complex Success of the Surge

The Strata-Sphere » NASA Discovers 70% Of Global Climate Due To Pacific Ocean Oscillations - Not CO2

Things One Should Not Forget The Quickening

Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Hillary Clinton Salon News

---NOVA Intelligent Design on Trial Watch the Program PBS ---

Ralph Nader When the Big Boys Get in Trouble, Who Pays the Ultimate Bill

Roots and Wings What's Wrong With Kids These Days

Christopher Hitchens Debates Alister McGrath - 01-15-08 - Flashman, Ron Paul, James Kirchick—And Liberty

The Page - by Mark Halperin - TIME

---Why Great Minds Can't Grasp Consciousness LiveScience ---

United States - International Diplomacy - Economic Trends - World Economy - Politics - New York Times

Uncommon Knowledge Christopher Hitchens -

---Ralph Nader - ---

Paul Hawken The New Great Transformation -

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations -

Uncommon Knowledge Victor Davis Hanson -

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