Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What? Midwest?

i wanted to add this to the last post but i have read you should try to keep thinks online to no more than 1000 word. last post 2600 after i dumped some and combined other sentences. people don't want to read that much. well and i ran out of steam when i realized their would be 2-3 more paragraphs so i cut it short and my revisit it latter.

A side note. I over heard a conversation earlier behind another counter between to soccer mom types. They talking about the Oscars, why?, and how odd Tilda Swinton was. I had to grin at that to. i didn't hear what was said by Swinton, but maybe she is odd. The women behind the counter acted, at least to me, as if there was something wrong and didn't understand. i am just now putting the two together and well i really do live in the mid west. Not just he common sense mid west i see but apparently their is a stereotypical mid west strain to. Not that i would trade it for the stereotypical coasts either.

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