Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vote Obama if your Stupid?

I do think that if your support any candidate and have not thought about their core ideology and what that means in the end you are stupid. Now if you are aware Obama is a 20th century progressive/national-socialist and support him. well then your ignorant. that stuff has not worked and i like my freedom. Or do you like being poor and the same as everyone else, if so than we just strongly disagree. I post this to show the over reaction from the Conservative side.

A Vote for Obama is Like Raising Your Hand and Saying "I’m F***ing Stupid"

Health care: missing the point as far as progressives go, i thought we moved past this

Iraq: he is making the same mistake most make, trying to argue an idiot's point with his argument.

Foreign aid: Isolationist. Looking back i didn't write an article on the Global Poverty Reduction act. I'll fix that, so you can go over board

Economy: with him in letting people fail, but we let it get far far beyond a few people failing. (Do you think he likes lazy people?)

Immigration: I think one of us is a little confused.

So over zealous much? I thought my arguments are childish at times but i could do a lot worse.

Now the important question. Do you take anyone seriously that calls people that many irrelevant names?

More important than that. Do you take anyone seriously that uses urban slang and purposeful urban misspellings.

No and some hell NO for me. oh, an honest question is their some grown up or serious debate on Myspace?

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