Thursday, February 21, 2008

C.A.I.R. and ST.Louis FBI

I live out side St. Louis. Not a big fan of it and don't go there much. so this caught my eye. Didn't follow it. so went onto this. The article after that makes i clear. From the St. Louis post's site:

Another blog, called “Little Green Footballs,” linked to the “Gateway Pundit” post, and several comments on “Little Green Footballs,” caused the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations to contact the FBI, said Ibrahim Hooper, the council’s spokesman.
Not ever been any love for C.A.I.R. here. We can't legally say these groups can't exist. We can't just take them out back like we once did. so i think they should be sued out of existence. Every time they yell fire with out a REAL reason, sue them for emotional damages or libel or something. It is unfortunately the way things work now. If you are on the fence their is this.

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